Hiring America’s Veterans

Hiring America’s Veterans

G.I. Jobs, has released its fifth annual list of the nation’s Top 50 Most Military-Friendly Employers®. This list, drawn from a sample of an estimated 2,500 companies (those with over $1 billion annual revenues), was created based on company criteria including the strength of company military recruiting efforts, the percentage of new hires with prior military service, and company policies toward national guard and reserve service.Top 5

  1. BNSF Railway Transportation – Railroad www.bnsf.com/careers/military
  2. Union PacificTransportation – Railroad www.up.com/employment/military
  3. ITT Corporation Engineering –Manufacturing www.itt.com/careers
  4. EG&G (Lear Siegler) Engineering –Technical Services www.egginc.com/careers
  5. USAA Financial Services – Insurance www.usaa.apply2jobs.com

Download the full list here G.I. Jobs’ Top 50 Most Military-Friendly Employers

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