Technology Jobs Abound and More Keep Coming Everyday

Here is a great article for all Vets.

When Command Master Chief Steve Hunnicutt left the Navy last year after nearly 27 years of service, he didn’t imagine he’d end up working for a medical services company.“I really didn’t think that the medical field would have a job for my Navy skill set,” said Hunnicutt. However, when associates made him aware of a variety of non-medical jobs he applied for a position as a field service engineer at Varian Medical Systems in Palo Alto Calif.” I immediately knew that my skills and experience fit perfectly with Varian.”The information age has revolutionized how every industry does business. Computer systems have integrated into every facet of business to improve communications, make processes more efficient and increase productivity. From marketing to manufacturing, almost every company needs talented computer savvy employees to make sure their business is running and competitive.The need for advanced computer software and hardware has created an equal demand for employees that are capable and adaptable. That is why the military has become one of the best sources of technological talent. Trained in the most advanced computer systems in the world, employees with military experience work under demanding conditions and must learn to adapt quickly to new demands, technologies and processes. Companies that want to remain state-of-the-art are hiring these veterans to be a state-of-the-art work force.Retired Air Force Colonel Barbara Jacobi, director business operations for Microsoft Public Sector Services, knows that veterans are valuable assets to Microsoft. “Military veteran candidates possess well established leadership skills, broad technical experience, positive solutions-oriented approaches to problem solving and the ability to adapt and learn quickly,” Jacobi said. “Veterans tend to prepare well, assess quickly, make critical connections, take leadership positions and provide direct and professional input to clients.” Including all these elements in their military resume will give them an edge over other candidates.READ the full story HERE.

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